Team Insight Wheel


This diagram shows Amir, Joe, James and Lindy‘s placement on the Insight Wheel.

Developing this visual helps the team understand how each person’s style relates to the others and how to best utilize each team member in the business.  It can also be used to identify any areas of conflict amongst the team members and determine if there are any areas in which the business may be lacking. With this information, the team can learn how to communicate effectively, work well together, and fully utilize each person’s strengths.

Things to consider:

People on the left are more INTROVERTED and METHODICAL, and people on the right are more EXTROVERTED and FASTPACED.  Splitting the wheel in half horizontally, you have people on the top who are TASK-FOCUSED and people on the bottom who are PEOPLE-FOCUSED.

*Circle indicates the natural state and the star indicates the adapted state of each member of PWWC.



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