Team Synergy



the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Team PWWC consists of 4 talented, and diverse individuals from different cultural background and experiences. Together, they can adapt and accommodate to any events and situations that best fits your needs.

Do you need a MC host? Amir is the guy that brings life and comedy to your event.

How about someone to execute your ideas into reality? James is the man to take the lead.

Are you into a stress free presentation and asthetics? Lindy can gurantee your visions can be beautiful and professional.

How concern are you with risk and interested in looking for other options? Joe can assure you reliable results in a stress free environment.

Team PWWC are able to perform task across different sectors, but they flourish as a unit!



Two Sides to Making a Difference

Relationships between team members are something we strongly value here at PWWC. There is never a dull moment with PWWC, whether it is in person or over a simple group text. 

What makes this even better is that our lives revolve around relationships and what we value.

PWWC DIY Venture

Coming soon…

PWWC came together on a lovely Sunday afternoon at our home office to collaborate on a new business DIY venture. Soon you will be able to extend your business in Vietnam with our way of approach at the tips of your fingers.

*Not all members were as enthusiastic due to weather and Dia de Los Muertos being celebrated across Southern California.

Non-verbal Communication & Kinesics

We are in the process of creating a comedy skit that demonstrates an explains the following common types of non-verbal communication: Body movement, posture, eye contact, closeness or personal space, facial expressions, psychological changes. We will consult you on how to observe and identify how information is expressed via non-verbal communication in a variety of settings. Understanding these non-verbal cues is crucial to succeed in everyday life.


What happens when a female interrupt guys’ night out?


Please don’t tell me this is easy!


How can I breathe?